Friday, December 11, 2009

MMCY: What, My Middle Name is D*****

Some of you may rightly suspect me of clandestine operations for infiltrating the sacred space of the Jen Jen Chang Chiang blog from outside the Google fold. Let's just say I had help from a rogue operative on the inside. Yes, one of your very own is a mole.

I was tapped by this mole to refocus the blog on its foundational purpose: slight and continuous humiliation of Michael Chang for the amusement of man, woman, child and beast alike. For it has been proven that there is no creature in God's creation who can resist the humor in MMCY's abasement.

Therefore, it would likely interest the readers of this blog that I've acquired compromising knowledge regarding MMCY's most carefully guarded secret. I know what the mysterious 'D' in Michael D. Chang stands for....

This has long been a topic of speculation ranging from D'Artagnan to Duk-Young, but I don't want to give it up so easily, so I thought I'd kick it out for comments and solicit the team's best guesses to see if the crowd really is wise.


  1. I looked up Baby Boy Korean Names and my top 3 guesses are:


  2. Well, first of all, Michael is clearly the mole. The only person that could deceive Michael Chang so clandestinely... would be one of his own personalities - on that note Michael, you should really take your medication more regularly to avoid this in the future.

    Now, for his name, assuming his parents are huge Green Day fans (which totally fits into currently held sociological demographic data regarding Korean baby-boomers living in the US) - I would say the "D" stands for "Dookie" Green Day's hit debut album that revolutionized punk rock in the mid 90's. They may have asianized it by changing it slightly to "Dung."

    The Changs were most likely hoping to nurture Michael "Dung" Chang to be the first Asian punk rock superstar. So far... a bit of a disappointment.

  3. my forced punk rock lessons were a dark time in my life . . .

  4. Dennis! Michael Michal 'Dennis the Menace' Chang Y'all

  5. I like Dong. If it's not Dong, we should change it to Dong. Much more original than Michael ;)

  6. I think it's something religious, don't know why. So 'David' or 'Daniel,' ...or maybe Jen's right and it's something like 'Do-Ree' :D